For most services, BAI charges its clients on an hourly basis, at varying hourly rates depending on the seniority of the attorneys and non-attorney staff.Current hourly rates are:

Steve Monas
Senior Attorney/CEO

Raymond Wu

Jennifer Modglin

Malcolm Ranger-Murdock
Associate Attorney

Markeshia Moore
Associate Attorney
Rob McEntegart
Business Affairs Consultant

Kirk Hamilton
Business Affairs Consultant

Jodi Murphy
Business Affairs Consultant

Maggie Megaw
Contract Administrator

Imelda Candido
Legal Assistant

Riley Cachelin
Delivery Coordinator

Wherever appropriate, junior attorneys and legal assistants work with BAI’s senior staff to keep the costs of legal representation appropriate to the project.

For certain specialized services, including production counsel and minor contract confirmations, BAI will work with clients on a pre-negotiated flat fee basis.