Business Affairs, Inc. handles the full complement of entertainment transactions, including acquisition and development of intellectual properties, state-of-the-art financing structures, negotiation and drafting of the complete array of deals related to production of film, television, and new media properties.

Through our new division, IndieWorks, the paraprofessional team provides production-related services at flat rate prices. Please visit our IndieWorks website for a full description of the services IndieWorks offers, and the IndieWorks price list.

What’s the point of producing the picture if nobody sees it?

Motion picture distribution comes in many forms and may require agreements to be negotiated with independents, “major” or “mini-major” studios in the US, with foreign territorial distributors, sales agents, and others. In addition, producers (and distributors) today must be adept at negotiating distribution deals for a variety of new digital media, including SVOD, TVOD, FVOD and AVOD.

BAI’s representation of prominent distributors (Grindstone/Lions Gate, A24 Distribution, CBS Television International, Universal Home Entertainment) as well as producers has given us a unique insight into the evolving business of distributing entertainment properties.