Business Affairs, Inc. handles the full complement of entertainment transactions, including acquisition and development of intellectual properties, state-of-the-art financing structures, negotiation and drafting of the complete array of deals related to production of film, television, and new media properties.

Our affiliate, IndieWorks, LLC, provides production- and distribution-related services, with a particular focus and expertise in film and TV delivery services. Please visit for a full description of the services offered by IndieWorks, LLC.
Keeping up with the constantly-evolving area of entertainment financing demands a depth of knowledge and a flexible approach. We pride ourselves on both.

In addition to traditional equity funding and collateralized production lending, independent producers today must be able to understand and access domestic and international tax incentives, gap financing, and other sources of production funds.

Business Affairs, Inc. has done it all (OK, maybe not “all”—we’ve only been around 19 years), and we use our knowledge of past deals to inform our approach to each new variation.