Business Affairs, Inc. handles the full complement of entertainment transactions, including acquisition and development of intellectual properties, state-of-the-art financing structures, negotiation and drafting of the complete array of deals related to production of film, television, and new media properties.

Through our new division, IndieWorks, the paraprofessional team provides production-related services at flat rate prices. Please visit our IndieWorks website for a full description of the services IndieWorks offers, and the IndieWorks price list.
Any producer knows that adage about working with children or animals. A little-known challenge and often overlooked step in the documentation of a motion picture or television project is the obligation to have the contracts of minor actors confirmed by a court. In the absence of court confirmation of a minor contract, that contract may be repudiated by the minor in most states. In a worst-case scenario, a minor actor could block distribution of the film in which they appear, making some distributors understandably insistent on having the contracts of minor players confirmed. There are multiple steps to the process of getting a contract confirmed, and we have a road map to help guide you. BAI will work with your production to confirm your minor actor agreements, or to ensure you have all necessary paperwork in place for a smooth minor contract confirmation experience down the road if required by your distributor.