Business Affairs, Inc. handles the full complement of entertainment transactions, including acquisition and development of intellectual properties, state-of-the-art financing structures, negotiation and drafting of the complete array of deals related to production of film, television, and new media properties.

Through our new division, IndieWorks, the paraprofessional team provides production-related services at flat rate prices. Please visit our IndieWorks website for a full description of the services IndieWorks offers, and the IndieWorks price list.
Production of feature films and television programs requires an array of agreements from the simplest release forms and location agreements to actor deals involving complex profit participations, bonuses, approvals, and perks.

Whether the budget is $100,000 or $100 million—and BAI has served as Production Counsel on films and television programming at both ends of that budget range—every production presents a unique set of challenges, and requires a high level of expertise and efficiency to get deals signed and take care of problems as they arise. For a sample of the projects on which BAI has provided production legal services, please see our page on IMDb

As Production Counsel, Business Affairs, Inc. works closely with producers and the various production departments (casting, locations, art departments, clearances, etc.), and provides weekly reports tracking the status of every negotiation and agreement.