Business Affairs, Inc. handles the full complement of entertainment transactions, including acquisition and development of intellectual properties, state-of-the-art financing structures, negotiation and drafting of the complete array of deals related to production of film, television, and new media properties.

Through our new division, IndieWorks, the paraprofessional team provides production-related services at flat rate prices. Please visit our IndieWorks website for a full description of the services IndieWorks offers, and the IndieWorks price list.
Entertainment content comes from a variety of sources and can be based on pre-existing works as different as books, songs, comics, life stories, trademarks, video games, toys, and of course, other movies and television programs, English language or foreign.

BAI helps its clients through the maze of rights issues, by analyzing Chain of Title, identifying rights problems and solutions, and negotiating and drafting agreements to purchase literary rights, “life story” rights, and clearances of all kinds.